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Thank You Christine For Both Of The
Most Beautiful & Unexpected Awards,
I Humbly Accept Them In The Name Of
Our Precious Saviour "Jesus Christ"
And I Pray That Our Friendship Will
Continue To Grow Throughout The Years.
Thank You From My Heart "Dear Friend!!
March 29th 2006

Thank Lyn & Tony For Both Of The
Beautiful & Unexpected Awards.
I Would Encourage Everyone To Visit
Their Informative Site Concerning
Autism And Other Disabilities.
If You Allow Yourself, You Will
Come Away With A Heart Filled With
Much Love, And A Deeper Understanding.

April 19th 2006

Dearest Kay, Thank You From The
Bottom Of My Heart For This Beautiful
And Most Unexpected Surprize.
I Accept This Gift In The Name Of
Our Precious Saviour "Jesus Christ"
Thank You Most Of All For Your Loving
Friendship, I Hold You Close To My Heart.

April 27th 2006

Dear sweet Jade, Thank You For Both
Of These Beautiful & Unexpected Awards,
I Accept Them Through The Love Of Jesus.

Please Click On The Awards Above To Visit
Jade's Beautiful Inspiring And Uplifting Site
~* Let Her Know I Sent You*~
May 12th 2006

Thank You So Much Trisha For This
Precious Award You've Sent To Me,
But Most Of All My Dear Sweet Friend, For
The Many Years You Have Touched My Heart!

~*Please Visit Trisha's Beautiful Site*~
May 14th 2006

Thank You Christien For This
Beautiful Award You Sent To Me.

~*Please Visit Christien's Beautiful Site*~
Many Beautiful Graphics, Tutorials, PSP
Items Just To Mention Only A Few.
May 19th 2006

Thank You Birgitta For This
Beautiful, Unexpected Award.

~*Please Visit Brigitta's Beautiful Site*~
June 18th 2006

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