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Thank You ~♥ Jade ♥~
For All Of The Beautiful Awards.
But Most Of All Thank You For
Sharing Your Beautiful Heart With Mine.

~*Visit Jade's Beautiful Site*~
March 15th 2007

Thank You ~♥ Jean ♥~
For the Site of the Month Award
I am truly humbled that you would feel
My site worthy of such an award as this.
But more than anything Thank you for
Sharing your beautiful heart with me!!

~*Visit La Luna's Beautiful Site*~
March 29th 2007

Thank You ~♥ Brenda ♥~
For All Of The Beautiful Awards.
I love you so much my ((SassyGirl))
Thank you most of all for your loving
Heart that you have shared with mine!!

~*Visit Sassy's Beautiful Site*~
March 30th 2007

Thank You ~♥ John ♥~
For the most Beautiful Award
But most of all the new friend through
Jesus that I have found in you.((Hugs))

~*Visit John's Awesome Site*~
April 1st 2007

Thank You ~♥ AngelHeart ♥~
For your prestigious Site Award
But most of all your loving friendship
For (10) wonderful years!! I love you((Hugs))

~*Visit Sharon's Beautiful Site*~
April 7th 2007

Thank You ~♥ Sweet Lee ♥~
For your Beautiful Sacred Heart Award
I humbly accept this through our united
Love for Jesus, and your beautiful heart.

~*Visit Lee's Wonderful Site*~
April 17th 2007

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