Option A FREE

[LinkWare] The use of one pre-existing LinkWare Graphic set for Personal homepages. You must use the coordinating graphic with link included in that set linking back to my home page. Please read my Terms of Use for other details for this free offer. Customized buttons are available for $2 each.

Option B $15

[LinkWare Customization] The use of one pre-existing LinkWare Graphic set with a coordinating graphical image and a link back to my site. Includes [4] customized buttons and/or Customization of the menu graphic(if applicable),Or the customized coordinating Header Title Graphic.

Option C $35_Up

[Exclusive Rights] Of one pre-existing Graphic Set with a coordinating graphical or text link back to my page. When payment is received,The set will be removed from my pages. Includes up to [4] customized graphic buttons and/or the option of a customization of the menu graphic (if applicable),Or a customized coordinating Title Header Graphic.

Option D Variable

[Exclusive Ownership]Of one pre-existing Purchase Ware sets with no link back to my page required. When payment is received, the set will be removed from my pages and will never again be made available to others. You will have full Ownership to the Design. Includes up to [4] customized buttons and/or the option of customization of the menu graphic(if applicable)Or the Customization of the Coordinating Title Header Graphic.

Option E $55_Up

[Made To Order]
The creation of a "One of a Kind" Digital Artwork graphic for your personal and/or commercial pages, including Book Covers. You MUST provide a detailed description of what your needs are, and any other pertinent detailed information you can provide. The graphics will be yours and yours alone, and WILL NOT be posted on my pages, However I retain total ©Copyright of my Original Artwork. The amount of time it takes to create the Artwork depends on the complexity. The price quoted WILL include [Title Header Lettering [1] Background Tile and Matching ©Logo] But WILL NOT include animation, buttons, bars, guestbook, HTML etc...

Standard Shareware $10-$20

The non-exclusive use of a pre-existing graphic set or interface for a Personal homepages. You must use the coordinating graphic and provide a link back to my home page. Customization will not be included.

Commercial Licensing $70_Up

The Exclusive use of pre-existing graphic set or interface design for Commercial homepages with no link back to my page required. Customization will be included.

Buttons $2/each Customization of pre-existing individual buttons [Non-Animated]
Bullets $2/each Customization of pre-existing Bullets [Non-Animated]
Divider bars $3/each Customization of pre-existing Divider Bars [Non-Animated]
GuestBook $4/each Customization of pre-existing [2] part GuestBook [Non-Animated]
Page Title $10/each Customization of pre-existing Page Title [Non-Animated]
Logos, Banners, Awards, Globes, Tags $15_Up/Animated $10_Up/NonAnimated Depending On The Size And Complexity Of The Work Requested.
Basic Web Page SetUp $20

Simple HTML coding for 1 page and text, up to 100 words per page. Each additional page $15 Does not include JavaScript, Java applets, forms, CGI scripting, guestbook setup, uploading pages on server, etc.

Additional services $20/hour

Guestbook setup, JavaScript, Java applets, counters, web tracking services, etc., services will be charged by the hour.

For Custom Graphics, I require 1/2 up-front, with a $10 minimum. When I receive the Down Payment through Paypal , I begin work on the graphics. When I complete the project I will email it to you or post it on the web in a private directory for approval. This is when you have [1] opportunity to request changes/additions. I will e-mail the Finished work to you in a Zip File. You may also order a back-up CD via US Mail for an additional $7 charge "no shipping". Balance is due upon completion of the project and delivery of your order will follow. Please Contact Me for a free, no obligation estimate.

I now accept Paypal, one of the easiest ways to pay instantly and securely on-line.

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