Hearts filled with fear and uncertainty
In search of a safe refuge to go,
A place where hate will never enter
And the garden of love forever grows.

Longing to retreat to God's garden
Wrapped in the beauty and peace
And the hush of his calming whisper
Gently soothing all worries with ease.

Seeds of anger shall never grow here
Amidst the love will never form root
Carefully He's chosen seeds planted
Only seeds of love shall bear the fruit.

Within our heart dwells God's garden
In slumber till awakened with his love
Showers love upon hearts soft as rain
Gently falling from the heavens above.

This beautiful garden set a bloom
Shall never be visible to the eyes
The miraculous garden that grows
Tended by God's hands they lie.

So when your burdens are heavy
Confused not knowing what to do
Retreat to that peaceful garden
God planted in the heart of you.

Amidst the harmony and calm
Let the stillness wash over you
Seeking refuge within his arms
Until seeds of love sprout anew.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

~Created With Love~

©Bruce DeBoer
"The Path I Choose"
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