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Beside one another we stand
Together, within hearts reach
Before God, hearts and hand
Sharing our love for all to see.

Offering my hand in union
And today my heart I give
From this day all that I have
Forever through love shall live.

Sharing our vows on this day
So sacred, this love we share
Promises of love everlasting
And to hold hearts with care.

As bands of gold we exchange
And our love we freely give
God has brought us together
Through him forever will live.

Hearts now beating in unison
Two hearts are now as one
With you I now am complete
As if my life has just begun.

My life this day begins anew
As a gentle kiss doeth bind
Our hearts are bound together
From now, until the end of time.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

©Bruce DeBoer
"Velvet Dreams"
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