Shining brightly in the distance
The vision is clear from a far
Our path to Him illuminates
Radiating like the brightest star.

As the light house on the shore
God, the beckoning light that glows
Lighting the way to one and all
That we may return safely home.

Through the raging storms of life
Strong tides that try to pull us away
His light for always burns brightly
That we always may find our way.

Always beckoning us to safe harbor
Yet many swept away by the tides
Clinging to glittery temptations allure
Not choosing hands extended for life.

Temptation comes in beautiful form
Yet hidden within the silk are claws
Masked in beauty displaying itself
All the while drawing you into its jaws.

Praying that all hear his merciful plea
To the beckoning light shone so bright
And reach the refuge of safe harbor
By taking His hand extended for life.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

~Created With Love~

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