Believe in yourself
Your inner beauty has no bounds
Take in deep each breath of life
Embrace life within yourself,
Look deep within your being
Find your own special ness
Don't seek within perfection
Humanity has perfection none.

Awake each morning discovering
A new day of emanate beauty
In awe of just being alive,
As your new day awaits you
Holding possibilities endless
Open wide the door to life
Let light shine out as well as in.

Look to the Heavens giving thanks
For this day, today is all we have.
Dwell not on sorrows of tomorrow
Make best the time we have today,
Waste not a minute of your life
There is no promise of another day.

Create in yourself happiness
Within your soul an inner glow
Hand paint today a rainbow
Possibilities in you will astound
Believe always in yourself
Inner beauty holds no bounds.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

"In The Garden"
©Bruce DeBoer
Used With Permission

~Created With Love~

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