Little hands are gently folded
Hearts filled with much to say
They lift their voice to heaven
As quietly they begin to pray.

Children so pure and innocent
Sending prayers upon the wind
One for peace around the world
And all hatred of hearts to mend.

So sweet and soft, a tender song
Of much they do not understand
Yet many a tear of hope are shed
For all to join hearts and hand.

As the voice of one small child
Hear the hundred silent also call
Awaken to the plea of our children
And feel each tear as they fall.

Tears of thousands to fill an ocean
Many a child still cries for peace
Sweet and soft, so tender a song
Of how they wish the world to be.

Each day eyes wittness destruction
Every night hearts in prayer do reach
High on the winds sending tearful plea
That each heart be touched by God's peace.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

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