Lord grant me your sweet peace
Darkest hour within my thoughts
My eyes filling with sting of tears
With heart heavy and so distraught.

So painful have been many days
In this brief life I have lived
With today not feeling as though
I have nothing else left to give.

I'm so weak from life's burdens
Such sorrow from inhuman ways
Without hesitation to acknowledge
We are living within the final days.

So in need to feel worthy of you
Pleasing with serving well done
Before you again return to earth
Allowing again to walk your son.

Extending my hand to you in need
Lord take my hand, so weak am I
And bathe me in your presence
Whilst quieting my restless mind.

Let me awaken to your purpose
Why you've chose to have me stay
Enlighten my heart to the reasons
For allowing me here another day.

I so long to feel worthy of you
To make a difference whilst here
Yet needing your touch to comfort
And hushing all of my inner fear.

Lord grant me your sweet peace
And all of my inner strength renew
As I look up in prayer for guidance
Better ways to serve, glorifying you.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

©Bruce DeBoer
"Quiet Evening"
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~Created With Love~

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