In my dreams I can see clearly
The visions of that glorious day
When He arose to God's calling
And the stone was rolled away.

There before me He's standing
Reaching both hands out to me
No longer are bound by the nails
Yet his scars were so plain to see.

He spoke to me in a soft whisper
As he placed his hand within mine
Reassuring me with a tender touch
From a loving Father, to his child.

"I shall wear these scars forever
This, my Testament of love I bear
For you the choice of salvation
Always for you the scars I'll wear".

My heart flows with love for him as
Tears of love stream down my face
Knowing, unworthly of his sacrifice
Still he'd chose to take my place.

I had awoke to that Easter morning
Finding my pillow stained with tears
Knowing it was not a dream at all
For my Saviour was also here.

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