Growing within the heavens
Mighty storm of God at hand
So soon again the coming
Once again to walk on land.

Sounds off in the distance
Moving steadily, ever so near
His wrath, fury of the storm
Falling on many a deaf ear.

His eyes are upon creation
So filled with much disbelief
He's swallowed by the sadness
For the loss of many, much grief.

Hearts of many with such hatred
Filled with evils allured deceipt
Only seeking treasures in hand
Knowing with him, shall never be.

The lost, so many in number
Multitude unable to conceive
Choosing not to hear whispers
That's carried across the sea.

Such sadness within the Heavens
His tears of many start to fall
Streaming slowly down his face
For so many not hear his call.

Thunder sounds in the distance
Storm is ever so near, as he's
Watching so close his children
Speak to all that do not hear.

Counting our words of his love
Spoken to ones he is unknown
Guiding those in many a number
What awaits within his home.

Looking down from the Heavens
In watch of all we say and do
Counting good deeds of many,
Some sadly He counts so few.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

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