The leaves so softly start to fall
And the golden umber fills the air
Each are carried by restless winds
Filling colors of autumn everywhere.

In the distance stands such beauty
Standing alone, the most perfect one
The last rose of summer stands tall
Outstretched, in reach of the sun.

Its beauty and perfume overwhelming,
As the scented fragrance surrounds
Ever so softly filling the air with calm
As the winds carry it round and round.

So awakened to God's sweet message
Today, as I have never been before
The rose he placed here just for me
That I should see so much more.

The petals start falling ever so slowly
One by one they fall upon the ground
Within this moment he sends message
Gentle words in my heart were bound.

See this flower of beauty? He whispers
And the precious life within it holds?
It too as all things on earth must pass
And the life within each will fold.

My child, make best each day I give
And your loved ones so closely hold
Before the last of petals have fallen
Stop and take time to smell the rose.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

©Elan Michaels
Meandering Garden
~*Used With Permission*~

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