As if an empty canvas waiting...
Simplistic white, and yet not bare
Waiting for strokes of tenderness
To create beauty beyond compare.

As if strokes from an artists brush
Each gently guided by His hands
Such beauty created in every stroke
Hand painting the heart of a man.

Breath taking is the Masters Peace
So exquisite is this work of heart
For it was painted with so much love
So unique, the masters stroke of art.

So delicate and fluently pours forth
Beauty, from delicate strokes of hand
Creating a work of heart so unique
Each day, as only the Master can.

Before you, behold such a miracle
With each stroke, as a day gone by
Allowing him to paint your canvas
Strokes of his hand, guiding your life.

As he paints your heart with tenderness
A beauty created deep within your soul
Shining forth like a beacon in the dark
Through you, the master's peace will show.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~


©Margi Harrell
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~Created With Love~

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