Long ago you planted a garden
Seeds of love within my heart
You, nurturing them each day
Giving my heart a strong start.

You were there for me always
Encouraging me always to dream
For me never to be discouraged
How out of reach all might seem.

When storms of life were upon me
You sheltered me only so much
Knowing I would one day have need
To stand strong when life got tough.

Years of many have come and gone
If only then, yet now I understand
All things that were said and done
Were out of love to help me stand.

Your love has never had an ending
One which has known no boundaries
For your still tending to your garden
So long ago you planted, within me.

Forever putting your needs aside
Tending and nurturing your seeds
Gently offering your hand in love
On my heart forever a print you leave.

Ever so much more than my mother
Growing closer as I learn to bend
I Thank God you were chose for me
My Mother, and forever Best Friend.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

©Bruce DeBoer
"Fabric Of Love"
Used With Permission.

~Created With Love~

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