Before to earth on our journeys decent
Incomplete and half missing we're sent
Search of our soul mate, the missing part
The one whom God chose from the start.

As our love was set a bloom so long ago,
Before our first breathe started to grow.
Selected special by such loving hands,
Each for the other so carefully planned.

And when I found you, my missing half
The one my life I had been seaching for
No longer incomplete, but whole at last
I knew then, I needed to search no more.

The only one for me, my life I will spend
Love growing continuous, without an end.
On this day to you I promise my heart
And in trust you with so special a part.

In the Chapel side by side as we stand
In front of God together hand in hand
Exchanging bands that symbol eternal,
And the sharing our vows of love so full.

This day today my love, I devote to you
As hand in hand we will be seen through
Many in number best of times we'll share
And hard embraced in God's loving care.

Please Do Not
Use My Poems Without
Written Permission
~Kathy Loun Stilley~

©Elan Michael
"All My love"
Used With Permission

I Dedicate this Poem
To My Husband & Best Friend
~*My Soul Mate For Eternity*~

~~Made With Love~~

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