It seems days of endless load I bear
Thorns of life have bludgeoned my feet
Yet through the pain, and tears that fall
I've continued forward refusing defeat.

So many sad days and fruitless years
Days, I've spent drowning in my pain
Self inflicting so many of the wounds
Yet my suffering was not in vain.

With the barren roses on thorny path
Giving praise in prayer, for now I know
Through all of the suffering I have endured
Were the things which had helped me grow.

It's not the simple things in ones life
Encouraging those through life to strive
It's through all of the pain and anguish
That your heart is awakened with life.

Anguished heart be brave, dare to reach
Let your heart fill with His grateful song
Be strong through lifes suffering, endure
Take his hand and let Him help you along.

Over the scattered path of tender petals
Many a heart may grow ever so weak
Yet with God walking with you each step
You too can brave a path of thorns as He.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

©Bruce DeBoer
"Heart Break"
Used With Permission.

~Created With Love~

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