If home is where the heart is
Mine could never dwell there.
Walls echoed anger not laughter;
My heart sought refuge elsewhere.

A home filled with love and care
For me was never meant to be
So I tucked away the little child,
“The best part of her heart for me.”

Angered voices and judging eyes
Still ring out and pierce my soul
Playing over and over still today
Are things from ever so long ago.

Each day holds a shattered dream
As the pain still keeps me bound
Unable to find strength to climb
And lay to rest on solid ground.

My heart has wept a million tears
Feeling unworthy of another’s love,
For so many years being misguided
And believed love was conditional.

If I could piece each one together,
My shattered childhood dreams
And allow another to reflect awhile
Could they then truly know me?

Do Not
Use My Poems Without
Written Permission
~Kathy Loun Stilley~

©Bruce DeBoer
"Chasing Yesterday"
Used With Permission.

~Created With Love~