I was so in need of a message
And awaiting his voice to hear
Within that moment of calling
The beautiful sparrow appears.

So much joy within that moment
Such beautiful music surrounds
The music falling upon my ears
Caressing my heart with sound.

Song of hope the sparrow sings
With each musical note released
Soothing my inner heart and soul
From within receiving such peace.

As I listened to her ever so quiet
Peace within me continued to grow
Knowing the song of hope she sang
Was one for me, which God composed.

The sparrow brought to me in song
Notes of which were God's design
And the love he sent through her
Plays in my heart time after time.

God sends each a message differently
Knowing of him, when we're in need
So special a song or gentle whisper
In hopes our heart and mind to ease.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

~Created With Love~

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