Resting peaceful in my slumber
Sweet dreams take over my mind
Whispers of soft calling my name
Your face within I search do find.

Love forever in this moment captured
We journey through dreams of night
For now held within your embrace
Souls soaring the night take flight.

Feel the rush of wind upon us
As we embrace in moons glow
Within the hush of starry dreams
Love filling the depths of my soul.

As you take my heart captive
Within the gentle of your embrace
Holding constantly as love grows
And we soar to that special place.

So magical each moment with you
Sweetest of dreams rush my mind
We are as one in mind and body
Hearts will for always be entwined.

As I gaze upon your gentle face
You are my life, the breath to live
That fills my body with life and peace
I need but only the love you give.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

~Created With Love~

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