Beneath my wings seek shelter
As you stand in valley of despair
No need to dwell but an instant
Within my wings seek shelter there.

Never feel as though you're alone
Standing still with no where to run
Unable to find the road to choose
Call and in an instant, I shall come.

Leading you through the valley
I will comfort as you take my hand
Come to me and seek shelter
Confide all worries, I'll understand.

I expect not your choices perfect
Making mistakes won't let me down
Never fear me not to be there for you
Never shall I leave you , turn around.

Your faith in me within an instant can
Move mountains and miracles appear
Impossible can happen in a moment
When faith leads, and my voice you hear.

When things seem to you impossible
As you stand in the valley of despair
Remember all things become possible
When beside you, I too am standing there.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

~Created With Love~

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