The sinner's heart is like the cocoon
That conceals the beautiful butterfly
And if it should never be set a free
It most surely whilst slowly die.

But if only you'll let God nurture it so
Throughout the years with loving care
Inside you'll know such beauty dwells
Such a loving creation God grew there.

Remember the only true beauty is spirit
One where the beautiful Creator dwells
Inside the heart after dirty sins are gone
Then by God your spirit is compelled.

He will guide you to outstretch a hand
And his love with a sinner youíll share
As he touches your words with wisdom
The seed of Godís love is planted there.

Many seeds planted, not on fertile ground
May lay in hearts for monthís, even years
With no signs of Godís beautiful butterfly
But continue, Godís love with all do share.

For one day you will see such a miracle
A transformation right before your eyes
As you share the precious love of Jesus
And help to set free a beautiful butterfly.

Please Do Not
Use My Poems Without
Written Permission
~Kathy Loun Stilley~

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