Despite the darkness looming
Within the garden now bear
Many a flower lay in slumber
To a love their not yet aware.

Amidst the ruins and barren earth
A beautiful flower may bloom
If nurtured by a loving hand
To share such sweet perfume.

Despite the darkened garden
Where no light has ever shone
Amidst the stones and barren earth
A beautiful rose has grown.

Without a glimpse of sunshine
Or gentle kiss of morning dew
Yet bloomed forth such beauty
Petals taking on a vibrant hue.

Gathering its life deep within
From God it drank of hope
Amidst the stones and barren
The beautiful rose now grows.

One small act of kindness
The seeds of God are sown
Passing on to one another
Even flourish within the stones.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

©Bruce DeBoer
"Stepping Stones"
Used With Permission.

~Created With Love~

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